Local Foods Guide for Pasty Throw-down


The Great Pasty Throw down is meant to determine not just who can make the best pasty but who can make the best local pasty.   Years ago, the majority of all food consumed by Montanans was produced here within the state. Though Montana is heavily rooted in agriculture, the majority of the food we eat is shipped in from far away. Butte is tough– Butte is resilient. Through the toughest of times, the community has persevered. We encourage all contestants to source ingredients locally and support your local producers, distributors, and grocers to help fortify our local food network.  Wheat, beef, butter and potatoes are all produced right here in Montana. Sourcing locally helps the freshness of the product, saves on food miles, and makes our community more resilient. This guide is meant to help you source foods that are produced in our own backyard.

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Some local producers & processors of pasty ingredients

*This is not a complete list. We encourage you to use the directories to find out who your farmer is!




Bausch Potato Inc.

Whitehall, MT



Mark and his wife, Denise, are third generation potato farmers who operate Bausch Potato Inc., their family farm is located just south of Whitehall, MT. In 1947, the Bausch Family started their own potato farm. In the 1970’s a processing facility was built to produce potato products like fresh hash browns and French fries. Today, 45 acres of their farm yields approximately 1600 tons of potatoes. Their large baking potatoes, hash browns, French fries, and diced potatoes are served in University Dining Services restaurants, local schools, hospitals, and restaurants all over the western and central Montana.


White’s Potato Farm Inc.

Manhattan, MT

(406) 580-2878


Growing Classic Russet; Clearwater Russet; Huckleberry Gold; Norland “Dark Red”; Yukon Gold


Strike Farms

Bozeman, MT



Strike Farms grows well over 100 different varieties of certified organic vegetables, herbs, flowers and potted plants each season that are available through our Summer and Winter Vegetable Subscriptions, local Bozeman Farmers’ Markets, Town & Country Foods, the Community Food Co-op, Heebs, Rosauers, Planet Natural, Ace Hardware, and several other Bozeman area establishments. We also provide Strike products to select stores and restaurants in Billings, Big Sky, Butte, Helena, and Livingston.




Wheat Montana Farms
Three Forks, MT

(406) 622-5436


Our family has been farming and milling in Southwest Montana for three generations. We grow our grain sustainably and mill it just down the road. That means we can guarantee that our products are top quality, healthy, and farm fresh.

Montana Flour and Grains

Fort Benton, MT


We are one of the region’s leading purchasers of organic grains, and provided farmers a market for a diverse range of crops. These include pulse crops as well as wheat, feed grains, spelt and rye. We are also a market for conventional spring, winter and durum wheat.


Timeless Seeds Inc.

Ulm, MT



Today, dozens of our organic farmers grow gourmet legumes and heirloom grains using biologically diverse farm systems. Under the brand Timeless Natural Food, this “lentil underground” has grown into a million dollar enterprise that sells to hundreds of independent natural foods stores, and a host of renowned restaurants.



Ranchland Packing Co.

Butte, MT

(406) 782-6371


Heggelund Ranch Meats

Anaconda MT

(406) 949-9108


We started Heggelund Ranch in the summer of 2015. We felt it was important for people to be able to purchase quality meat products from a local producer. If our consumers plan to keep their income local, then we should too. We use a local meat processor and purchase winter feed that is grown in surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide a quality product that is not only good for the consumer, but also in a way that increases the health of the environment.


MT Cross Farms

Twin Bridges, Montana

406 596 2002


MT Cross Farms specializes in pigs and sheep. We use sustainable farming practices to bring quality products to consumers. Our products include custom pork and lamb meat cuts as well as Icelandic sheep fibers and decoration.


Yellowstone Grass-fed Beef

Bozeman, MT

(406) 522-9421


As stewards of over 30,000 acres of the Montana range, we bear responsibility to you and to our cattle, and to the land underfoot. That’s why our success isn’t just measured in a delicious, tender steak. Success, for us, is measured in the richness and diversity of the land we graze, in the gentle silence of a herd moved humanely and without stress, and in the strength and wellbeing of our local communities. From our land stewardship principles, to our animal husbandry, to the steak on your table, we believe that food raised with honesty and integrity makes for healthier communities.


Montana Wagyu Cattle Company

Belgrade, MT

(406) 451-5513


Montana Highland Lamb

Whitehall, MT

(406) 287-3886



Distributors that carry local foods


Western Montana Growers Co-op

Tel: 406-493-0859

Missoula, MT 59802


Root Cellar Foods

Bozeman, MT 59719

Quality Food Distributing

Tel: 406-551-2231

Bozeman, MT 59719

Summit Distribution

Bozeman MT 59718



Grocers nearby that source local foods


Dancing Rainbow Natural Grocer

9 S. Montana St

Butte, MT


Excelsior Meats

422 N. Excelsior Ave.

Butte, MT


Western Meat Block

820 Dewey Blvd

Butte, MT


Riley’s Meats

134 W Park St

Butte, MT


Madison Foods

4939 U.S. Highway 287 North
Ennis, MT 59729


Town & Country Foods

Belgrade, Bozeman, Livingston


Real Food Market and Deli

1096 Helena Ave.

Helena, MT 59601


Community Food Co-op

908 W Main

Bozeman, MT



Farmers’ markets nearby


Butte Farmers’ Market

Park Street between Montana and Main

Butte, MT

Saturdays 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. May 18 through October 5


Anaconda Community Market

Kennedy Common
Anaconda, MT 59711

Tuesday’s from 4-7pm, July 9th through September 10th


Dillon Farmers’ Market

Lodgepole Street adjacent the Dillon Reservoir

Fridays, Time: 9:00am – 2:00pm, June 7- September 13, 2019


Farmers’ Market Helena Montana

Fuller Ave, Helena

Sat: 9:00 – 1:00

City Hall Parking Lot, East Helena

Tue: 4:00 – 7:00

Starting April 28th


Gallatin Valley Farmers Market

Haynes Pavilion at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds, 901 North Black

Bozeman, MT

Saturdays – 9am to Noon, June 22– September 14, 2019


Bogert’s Farmer’s Market

Bogert Park, South Church Avenue

Bozeman, MT

Tuesdays, June 5-Sept. 25, 2018

Market Hours: 5-8pm


Missoula Farmers’ Market

Circle Square

Missoula, MT

Saturdays 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., May 4 through October 26, 2019.

Tuesdays 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., June through September, 2019.



Tools to find local products near you


AERO’s Abundant Montana Directory

Explore Montana’s sustainable agriculture, local food, Farmers’ Markets, and Agritourism through an interactive map


LocalHarvest National Directory

This directory lists over 30,000 family farms and farmers markets, along with restaurants and grocery stores that feature local food. We call it a ‘grassroots’ directory because each member creates and maintains their own listing.


Made In Montana

This directory lists all products with the Grown in Montana certification. Montana may be famous for world-class beef and grain, but that isn’t all we grow here. Find our other high-quality products from across the state.


Sustainable Living Systems’ Producers Directory

This directory lists all businesses that produce local commodities. The Sustainable Living System is a non-profit organization whose primary focus is to build a Local Food System here where we live.


Western Montana Growers Coop Meet Your Farmer

This is a list of growers that whose goal is to provide the market in our region with fresh, quality products from our farms.